Holding an Apple iPhone 5C feels like awesome. iPhone 5C where the letter “C” stands for the colorful, and was misunderstood by the Cheap. Let us now talk about the main context of this post. You can take screenshot on Apple iPhone 5C very easily.

You can capture the awesome screen colors on your phone. Even the launching of applications, the interface and the graphics of  the games can be taken and captured in an image using this awesome feature- the screenshot taking feature.

How to take Screenshot on Apple iPhone 5C?

So, have a look on these two methods, using which you can take the screenshot of the current screen.

METHOD 1 – Hardware Combination Method

The very basic method to take screenshot is the hardware combination method. Follow the below steps to take screenshot.

STEP 1 – Make sure you have the current screen which is to be captured in a screenshot. After that simply, place one finger of your right hand on the Power button (present on the top on the phone).

STEP 2 – Then take second finger of your right hand on the Home key (the only key on the front, below the display).

STEP 3 – Hold and press the two keys together for a second, and the display will glow in white color on the sides with a shutter sound. So, you have finally taken a screenshot on your device.

how to take screenshot on iphne 5c

So, you will yourself notice that this method is very easy to take screenshot. Yet for an alternative method, go for the second method.

METHOD 2 – Assistive Touch Method

What is assistive method? Well most of the readers will have the answer to this question. But since, this post is related to a tutorial, so I may tell a brief review of Assistive Touch feature of Apple iPhone 5C.

Apple introduced this feature within the iOS 6. Switching it On from the settings, enables you to use the touch controlled shortcuts with many unique features. A white dot always appear on your display (when it is on), which is the direct path to various activities.

To our concern is the Screenshot feature only. How to use it? Let us see below:

STEP 1 – At first enable the Assistive Touch Feature. So to enable it, follow this path: Settings> Accessibility> Touch and Gestures > Assistive Touch.

STEP 2 – As soon as you switch this feature on, a white dot appears on the display.

STEP 3 – So, to take screenshot, follow the path (pressing only on white dot): Device> More Options> Screenshot.

Your taken screenshot will be saved automatically. Browse your pictures to look upon your taken screenshot. You can now share it on social media or other network.

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About Apple iPhone 5C

So, wondering if what iPhone 5C brings in its package to offer new to users. iPhone 5C comes in five different colors. It has the 4 inches display as that of iPhone 5. A plastic body that too designed to look like premium has been put into this device.

You have an 8 MP camera loaded with many camera features. You have all new modified A6 chip, which has been made more battery efficient and to perform the tasks much faster. All in the whole, I would say that this device is all new flagship device with a plenty of features and applications pre-loaded in it.

So, I think this post will help you most to take screenshot on your Apple iPhone 5C. Share your views on this post through comments.


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