Are you searching for the methods to take screenshot on Apple iPhone 5S? Well you have come over the right destination. I have compiled in two ways to tale screenshot on Apple iPhone 5S. Previously we told you how to take screenshot on iPhone 5 and since Apple has released the new iPhone 5S now, we are posting the screenshot guide for it too.

It is very easy to take screenshot on iPhone 5S. Imagine, you need to show about the new features and applications included in the new iPhone 5S (the latest one of year 2013). New iPhone 5S comes pre-loaded with apps like KeyNote, Number, iLife, iMovie, iPhoto and many more.

Show them to your friends and dear ones by simply taking its screenshots on your iPhone 5S and then share it. That’s it! How can we complete the task- let us see!

How to take screenshot on Apple iPhone 5S?

METHOD 1 – Hardware Combination Method

This is the old classic method to take screenshot on an iPhone. So, follow these three simple steps to take screenshot:

STEP 1 – The round button on the front side is Home key. You need this key for the operation.

STEP 2 – On the top of the phone you have another key- Power key. It is also equally significant.

STEP 3 – Press and hold the two keys together for a second. Noticed a cute white glimpse? And heard a capture sound? If yes, then you are done! That’s the confirmation signs of the work done.

how to take screenshot on iphone 5S

So, this method is very easy. You can try this method in any orientation mode- Portrait and Landscape. Enjoy taking screenshots now.

But also look at the other method too. It will take your 2 minutes only and you will be learning a new method.

METHOD 2 – Assistive Touch Method

This is the second method, which Apple has introduced in its software- iOS 7. So you can make use of it to take screenshot.

STEP 1 – Go to Settings> Accessibility> Assistive Touch. And then turn this feature on. You will notice a white circle appears on the display.

STEP 2 – When you click on this white circle, it will open up a transparent black window with four options aligned on it – SIRI, Favorites, Device and Home.

STEP 3 – Press on the Device option, there will be many more option opening in front of you, Click on the More options present at the lower right side. There will be a Screenshot option on the right side. Click on it, and your device will take screenshot of whatever current screen is.

So, this one is even more amazing feature. Using Assistive Touch control, you can take screenshot on iPhone 5S very easily.

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About Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S is the latest and the very premium device, which is offering a new kind of features. For a brief note, let me tell you that iPhone 5S is featuring all new 64 bit architecture based A7 chipset, which is very power saving and has a finger sensor integrated on it.

A M7 coprocessor is accompanying A7 chip, which will take care of various task of the health apps on this device. iOS 7 is introduced in this phone, with many new features. Front camera is now coming with its own BSI sensor. While the rear one is the new iSight camera of 8 MP module and 15 percent larger sensor.

Device comes loaded with many applications such as iMovie, iPhoto, Pages, KeyNote, Number, iLife and many more. So, this device is an awesome device with a whopping price of $199 on 2 years contract basis.


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