How to take Screenshot on Motorola Moto X?

Motorola Moto X is the newest launch by Google-occupied-Motorola. Moto X has many things which you yourself will want to share with your friends. So, taking screenshot is the best way to do so.

So to take screenshot on Moto X, you have to follow a very simple method – Hardware Combination Method, which is as below:

Hardware Combination Method

STEP 1 – Put your device to show the current screen as the screen to be captured.

STEP 2 – Locate the Volume Rocker keys on the right side of the device. To our need, the Volume Down key is required. Put a finger on it.

STEP 3 – Now put other finger on the Lock key, which is on the same side of the volume rocker.

STEP 4 – Press and hold the two keys together for just a second. You will hear a capture sound with a white glimpse on the screen and your task to take screenshot is completed.

how to screenshot moto x

The users will enjoy while taking screenshot on Moto X. If you like this method, share us on Facebook. Also, the unsuccessful users can ask their problems from us.

About Motorola Moto X

Motorola Moto X is 4.7 inches device, which has Android 4.2.2 jelly Bean OS. It has touchless voice navigation feature which does your tasks without touching the phone. Google Now technology is used for this purpose, which results in better voice guided tasks than Apple’s SIRI.

The camera of the phone has clearPixel technology, which used micron pixels to capture 75% more light, making your captured images and videos very vibrant and real. Dual cameras of 10 MP and 2 MP make the camera app function.

Processor of the phone is dual core Krait having 1.5 GHz frequency with SnapDragon S4 Pro chipset and Adreno 320 GPU. 2GB RAM is there for the support. 16 GB is the internal capacity of the phone. No microSD slot is provided in the phone.

Phone supports 2G, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity modules. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are also present with the Near Field Communication. MHL port functions for the HDMI output.

Overall this smartphone is good. Stay tuned with us for more information regarding any handset.


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