Little bit about Nokia Asha 501

At first, I shall like to review this beautiful featured phone-Nokia Asha 501, which is a candy bar phone. Nokia has tried very well to provide smartphone like features in a budget friendly series (ASHA) to the users. Nokia Asha series has many variants having a huge variety of  selection for the users. So, what is special in Nokia Asha 501?

Nokia Asha 501 is a very budget friendly phone, which is fully touch operable with only one hardware key on the front. The front has the Back key, which could also be made touch sensitive, but Nokia claims this is a style stroke. The handset is small cute looking handset with colored rear flaps. Pay your glimpse to the smart features of this device, which has huge battery power that lits up the phone about 2 days long.

how to screenshot nokia asha 501

Asha 501 comes in both dual SIM and single SIM packages. Internal storage capacity of phone is 128 MB, which can be expanded further up to 32 GB. Phone gets connected to web through GPRS and EDGE facilities. 3G is not supported. However Wi-Fi connectivity feature is equipped in there. microUSB slot is also there for the phone to be connected through PC.

How to take screenshot on Nokia Asha 501?

You must be fed up till now searching for the way to take screenshot on Asha 501 over the whole web. And if you would have found some way to do so (on web) and then encountered any kind of problem, and there would have been no hearing or solution to your problem, you would have fed up more.

To help you we have created this tutorial which will help you to take screeshot on Nokia Asha 501. So, go through this post to find the solution to your problem. It will also work on other Nokia S40 series phones like Asha 310, 305, 308 etc.

These Nokia S40 series phones does not let you to take screenshot directly from the phone, as we are used to do with Android and iOS through hardware keys method. So, there is an alternative method to do so, which is found to be very tedious task.

General Requirements

  1. Nokia Screen Dump
  2. Data Cable

Data cable comes in the package of the device. If not, then you will have to manage to arrange this accessory. Screen Dump tool can be downloaded from the below link

Download Nokia screen dump tool

Note In case, if this NSD version will not be supported, then you have to search for the newer versions on the web. Most of the times, the above link works so, by the time ignore the note for this instance.

Steps to take screenshot on Nokia Asha 501

  1. Connect your Asha 501 from the PC or laptop, using the data cable. Make sure to close the Nokia Suite on your computer, because it causes interruptions.
  2. When connected, just choose the Nokia PC Suite Mode on your mobile phone.
  3. When done, open the Nokia Screen Dump Tool on your phone. Then click on the Phone connect option, which will thus find and recognize your Nokia Asha 501.
  4. When connected, you just need to click on MakeScreen Dump option. This will take screenshot of your phone and will show you preview.
  5. Save the captured image to the desired location manually by clicking on Save Result option.

Voila! You are done, now your screenshot is ready to be posted or shared. I will soon update this post, with a video showing the demo of Nokia Screen Dump tool, which will make this method, more user-friendly.

Due to some technical reasons, I am unable to do so. Till then, you may feel free to ask any kind of queries regarding screenshot capture of Nokia Asha 501 or any other S40 series device in the comments section below. I assure you that I will post the desired solution immediately.


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