Today I have come up with the solution to the most common problem of the Samsung Galaxy Centura holders. I suppose all of you have the same problem i.e. method to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Centura.

Taking screenshot on your smartphone is a must-to-know feature with which you can actually capture the displaying things on your smartphone’s screen. It may be the UI of Galaxy Centura, the app launcher menu, the lovely games interface or any application.

You can take screenshot of anything (which is being displayed on the screen) on your Samsung galaxy centura. How? Let me explain to you with the easy tutorials with step-by step approach given below.

How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Centura?

Samsung galaxy Centura is a small and cute phone whose screen can be captured and shown to your friends with some edit tweaks or any other addition by sharing it on social network. Follow the below steps:

STEP 1 – Firstly make the screen to show that content, which you want to capture in an image.

STEP 2 – Now you should look for the Power key (which is present on the right side of the device).

STEP 3 – The Home Button in this device is Touch sensitive key (the middle one amongst the three capacitive touch screen keys).

STEP 4 – So, to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Centura, you need to ‘touch the home key and press the Power key together’ and hold the two keys for two seconds.

STEP 5 – You will experience the screenshot capture done when the camera shutter sound will be produced and a white animation will take place on the display. The notification bar will also make a message – “Screenshot Saved”.

how to take screenshot on samsung galaxy centura

So, this means that you have successfully taken screenshot on your Galaxy Centura. Now you can take as many screenshots as you require.

If you still have problems, do comment below with your queries. You can also request for method to take screenshot on your specific smartphone, we will surely post your smartphone’s method in this website.

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Video tutorial to take screenshot on “Samsung Galaxy Centura” is coming soon.

Samsung Galaxy Centura is a low-end device produced and manufactured by Samsung, which is also an affordable smartphone. Galaxy Centura is having 3.5 inches display with resolution of 320 x480 pixels.

Since, it is manufactured in 2013; it comes with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS v4.0 as its software. It has 4GB internals and 512 MB RAM support. The processor is based on Qualcomm MSM7625A chipset with 800 MHz clock.

3G CDMA, Wi-Fi, GPS are enabled. It is a CDMA phone and also limited to few countries only – South Korea, USA etc. The battery of 1500 mAh constitutes to be power pack of this device.


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