I will tell you how to take screenshot on such a MEGA device with very easy steps. I tell you, the hardware combination method isn’t going to work for many of you, because it is a very huge phone rather a tablet-cum-phone. Holding the device with two hands will work for you.

Steps to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8?

Firstly I will discuss the most common method – Hardware combination method.

Hardware Combination Method

No software is required to take screenshot on this device. You just need two keys, which are present in the device as hardware.

STEP 1 – Fetch the Power Key, which is present on the right side of this phablet.

STEP 2 – Now fetch the second key – the Home Key, which is on the front side.

STEP 3 – Now press and hold these two keys to take screenshot on Mega 5.8. You have to keep the keys on hold for a second only and after that you may release the buttons.

Go to the Gallery of your phone and search for the taken screenshot in the Screenshot folder.

how to take screenshot on galaxy mega 5.8

It is very easy to take screenshot on Galaxy Mega 5.8. All you need is to press both keys TOGETHER. Issues are created with such a big device, when one tries to press keys together and mistakenly creates a little time gap in the pressing of the keys, which results into failure to take screenshot.

But do not worry, if getting problems taking screenshot this way, than there is an alternative method to take screenshot on this device.

Palm Swipe Method

This is a very easy method. All you need is to make sure that your palm motion settings is enabled.

You can enable is by following the below path on Galaxy Mega 5.8.

Settings > Motion Sensor > Palm Motion

STEP 1 – Make the screen to be captured as your current screen.

STEP 2 – Now place your palm with some gap over the device’s right side, such that it covers the top to bottom area of phone.

STEP 3 – Swipe your palm in the opposite direction to take screenshot.

screenshot on galaxy mega 5_8 with motion swipe

One can also try the vice-versa direction of swiping, which is equally effective. If you are still having issues in taking screenshots on this phone, you can drop the problems encountered in the comments section below. We will soon come with another method.

Brief review of Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 features

Mega 5.8 has been launched with its elder (bigger) sibling – Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 in second half. Mega 5.8 priced very low and has major emphasis on size only. 5.8 inches display has the 540 x 960 ppi pixels density.

It is a dual SIM handset which also supports GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi platforms. I loved the phone featuring 8 MP rear and 1.9 MP front camera. The operating system is the latest one v4.2.2 with the TouchWiz UI.

This phone is a kind of phablet, but is being advertised like a phone which has design as same of Galaxy S3 and other Samsung smartphones. Big screen with lesser price will make you compromise on the processor and performance. Processor is dual core type with frequency 1.4 GHz.

Due to bigger screen, 2600mAh battery has been used in this device. This phone has been introduced by Samsung for the people who want a product like Galaxy S4 but at lower price range.

If you want to know any kind of trick related to Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8, stay tuned to us. Also share us on Facebook and Twitter.


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