This post is comprised of the methods to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. I know you are very desperate to get your access over these methods as you want to try this screenshot facility on your Galaxy Mega 6.3.

You can keep your memories with this phone in the screenshots. For example- You try a new launcher from Android device and use it on your phone and then customize it accordingly. So, you can keep those changed and customized interface of your device by simply taking screenshot.

So, now I am taking you towards the two easy methods to do this task with perfection. Have a look.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3?

Taking screenshot on this device is as simple as clapping. So, just follow the below given methods to do so.

Hardware Combination Method

STEP 1 – Launch the application whose you want to have screenshot. Or make your homescreen as the current screen of your phone.

STEP 2 – Place two of your fingers or a thumb and a finger on the Power key and Home Button. Power key is present on the right side of this phone while the home key is on the front side.

STEP 3 – To take screenshot, just press and hold the two keys together for a second.

How to screenshot galaxy mega 6_3

It would be noticed, that a rectangular white frame appears for a second on the edges of the display. The capture sound and that white frame are the proofs and the confirmation of the taken screenshot.

Now pull down the notification tray to see the captured picture directly from there. Or you can launch the application drawer and then open the gallery icon and then find the taken screenshot in the Screenshots folder.

Palm Swipe method

Samsung has introduced many gestures controlled features in Samsung galaxy Mega 6.3. So, here is another easy method to take screenshot on this device using your palm (without touching Mega 6.3).

STEP 1 – Firstly enable the pal motion feature by following the path: Settings> Motion Sensor> Palm Motion.

STEP 2 – Now make sure that you have unlocked your phone and chosen the screen (to be capptured).

STEP 3 – Place your palm over the right side of the display and then slowly move it to the left side. You will notice the same confirmation (capture sound and rectangular white glimpse).

Your screenshot has been taken successfully.

NOTE: You can also use the palm from left to right motion.

So, these are the easy methods to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Tell us if you have any kind of problem.

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is a huge device with 6.3 inches display with AMOLED capacitive LCD matrix having 1080 pixels resolution. It has very awesome display which is the star of the smartphone’s show. Due to such high pixels resolution, Samsung really bothered to provide good backup of battery by introducing 3200 mAh battery in the phone’s package and design.

The phone has slim looks with just 8 mm thickness. It supports the GSM, 3G, GPRS and NFC connectivity support. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are also placed in the device. The device runs on dual core Krait processor with 1.7 GHz clock supported by Adreno 305 GPU and 1.5 GB RAM.

It comes in two models based on internal memory 8 GB and 16 GB which can be expanded further up to 64 GB. This hardcore machine comprises of dual camera modules of 8 MP and 1.9 MP lenses respectively. Overall this device is very fine but quite big and needs much care.


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