Looking for the feature on web to find the answer of the question – How to capture screenshot on Samsung Galaxy note 3? Well that is very easy to take screenshot.

This deadly giant smartphone lets the users to take the screenshot of its current screen. The current screen can be anything. Imagine the 5.7 inched display is being printed by a simple method.

You can have your friends know about your homescreen’s widgets and games and many other new things offered by the Google Android operating system v 4.3. You can capture the screenshot of applications like Action Memo and other.

So, widen your knowledge regarding smartphones, by reading this easy guide to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 3.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Hardware Combination Method

Galaxy note 3 is really an elephant sized device. With this size, Samsung has again offered the two buttons- the Home key on front below display and the Power key (on the right side).

STEP 1 – Put one of your fingers on to the Home key

STEP 2 – Put another finger on the Power key.

STEP 3 – Start a count down from 3 to 1 and press the two keys together and hold them for 2 seconds. Your screen will be captured and saved in to the Gallery of your phone.

how to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers another feature which is very unique – Screen Write. Write any kind of comment or any information on the taken screenshot with the Screen Write feature.

Palm Swipe Method

Samsung is now equipping in the gesture controlled features in all the newcomers of its its galaxy lineup. Note 3 also recieves these features.

So, using these gesture controlled features, we can have screenshot very easily. Tak e a look over the whole guide:

STEP 1 – Make the screen to be captured as your current screen.

STEP 2 – Now use your palm and keep it in air just above the display on the right side.

STEP 3 – Now move your plam from left to right. This moement will cause the phone to take a speedy screenshot on this device and save it to the memory. Now access the screenshot as per your requirement. you can attach into some email, document, word file or even upload it on the social media websites.

So, did these methods prove to take screenshot on Note 3? Share your views regarding our post.

About Galaxy Note 3

Samsung galaxy Note 3 is a new phablet launched by Samsung with 5.7 inches display size and a quad core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz frequency.

Enhanced S-Pen stylus has been used in this device, which is useful in many applications like S Pen, evernote, and other applications. Phone packs up rear camera of 13 MP with a 2 MP front camera, both capable of capturing images and videos in full HD resolution.

Design has also been uniqued with the use of the soft touch textured rear with the same colored flip cover with leather finish. It is 8.5 mm in thickness. The wright is also very less. Android v4.3 serves to be the software of this device with the support of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

The phone comes in variants of 32 GB and 64 GB memory storage capacity. RAM size of the device is 3 GB. So performance of this device is going to be very high.

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