Looking for the way to capture screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? It is very easy to do so. Just be connected with us in this post and you will get an answer for your question.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, as its name describes, is the miniature version of the incredible smartphone- Samsung Galaxy S4. Mini S4 is nothing but a reduced hardware and a bit slower configuration than Galaxy S4.

To take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is very easy, as you need no kind of software or application to perform this very simple task.

Also, one can take screenshot of this smartphone, at any point (that is, not only the homescreen can be captured but any kind of screen can be captured). You have to just make sure that the current screen is the desired screen, whose screenshot is to be taken.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

So, getting to the point, an user can take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini using the very simple hardware combination technique.

Hardware Combination Technique

So, combining the hardware keys, we can capture screenshot on this device very easily. How? Let us discover it in the following steps:

STEP 1– Firstly make the desired screen to be captured as your current screen, by running that screen.

STEP 2– When done, put one finger on the Power/ Lock key, which is placed on the right side of Galaxy S4 Mini. Now bring other finger on the Home key.

STEP 3– It is the final step in which you will have to press and hold the two keys together for an instance until you see a glimpse or flash on the display’s edges. Moreover, you will also hear screen capture sound (if your phone is not in Silent mode J).

how to screenshot galaxy s4 mini

Now browse the captured image in the Gallery of your phone. Follow the given path to get hold over the captured/ taken image.

Gallery > Screenshot

There are ample of methods to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, but I found this one most relevant and the fastest method to so, which is also the easiest one.

Palm Swipe Method

Galaxy S4 Mini also supports the gestures movement features. You can simply swipe your plam in horizontal motion from left to right in order to take screenshot on Galaxy S4 mini. Let us see how it works!

STEP 1 – Make sure your screen shows the screen which is to be captured by you.

STEP 2 – Now take your hand and place with a gap over the screen such that your fingers near the front camera of the phone and the end of your plam faces the Home key of the phone.

STEP 3 – Now swipe your hand in either direction (from left to right) or (from right to left) to capture screenshot. You will hear a capture sound accompanied by a white flash on display for a while. Your screenshot has been captured and saved in the Screenshots folder.

screenshot on galaxy mega 5_8 with motion swipe

So, the above two methods can be used to take as many screenshots as you want.

Even then you are finding difficulties to perform this task, drop your comments in the comments section below and I will immediately respond with a solution.

Brief Review of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Galaxy S4 Mini supports almost all kind of features like GSM, GPRS and 4G LTE connectivity are supported along with the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot functions. This handset does not even miss the near field communication.

Coming to the difference of this handset from Galaxy S4, this phone’s processor is just a dual core having its cores clocked at 1.7 GHz each. Well that is also not of much concern as Mini S4 also runs the games without any lag. The games like Modern Combat 4, Football 2013, Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2 can also be played very smoothly on this handset due to the support of the Adreno 305 GPU. So, you can share the scores of these games on social media after taking screenshot of the score card.

The 8 MP rear camera is packed in the phone, which captures realistic images of people and the surroundings, which can be customized using the various camera features and also the applications available in Google Play store. The battery is also powerful.



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