If you own the fastest tablet in the world – the Apple iPad Air, then this post will be quite helpful to you. In this post, we have shared the method to take screenshot on Apple iPad Air.

iPad Air is a small kind of a PC which can be used as a PC with the use of so many keyboard cases and folios available by third party brands. Taking screenshot thus is a fun on this device if you like to show how the iOS 7 works on this device.

Or it can be anything which you need to take screenshot of and keep it saved in Air’s memory as a picture. So, to fulfill your requirement and needs, we have shared the method to do it easily. Please have a look.

How To Take Screenshot On Apple iPad Air?

Hardware Combination Method

Every smart device (phone or tablet) has got this feature to take screenshot with the hardware combination method.

STEP 1 – Firstly you should open that image, chat conversation, game score, lock screen, home screen or any other thing (which you want to take screenshot of) of your Apple iPad Air.

STEP 2 – After that just look for the keys – Power Key and Home Key. Home is present in the middle of the tablet’s front-lower side (in the portrait mode). Power key is present on the top of the tablet (on right).

STEP 3 – After that press and hold Power key and then click and release the Home key to take screenshot. Do not try to hold the Home Key. Just click and release it while the Power button is pressed.

An animation will appear on the display of this tablet and your taken screenshot will be saved in the Saved Pictures folder in the camera roll album.

ipad air how to take a screenshot

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Video tutorial to take screenshot on “Apple iPad Air” is coming soon.

iPad Air tablet is the fifth generation tablet manufactured by Apple. It comprises of 9.7 inches display with sufficient pixels resolution. The phone has an advantage of being very light and very thin as compared to the previous generation iPads and other brands’ tablets.

iPad Air has the 64 bit architecture of processor based on A7 chip, supported by 1 GB RAM. There is Motion co-processor too named as M7 co-processor. The device comes in variants ranging in features like connectivity (CDMA, GSM, cellular, Wi-Fi) and memory (16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB).

The tablet has got a good camera support- 5 MP rear and 1.2 MP front, both having HD video capture support. It is loaded with the iOS 7.0.3 operating system.


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